COVID-19 Guidance on CDC Gov Website

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) publishes regular updates about Covid-19 on their website. We encourage everyone to visit their website for most up-to-date information. This link provides guidance on Covid-19 Quarantine and Isolation.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols at MVP Sports facilities

We have adopted a number of best practices to keep our customers and our staff safe across our centers. You are requested to review these protocols and should you require any clarification, please reach out to us.

Reservations Only

  • All cages are limited to a maximum of 3 customers per cage
  • Small groups limited to 30 (field only) people
  • Lessons will be no more than 1:4 instructor to customer ratio
  • Parents are welcome to be inside with a mask on


  • All staff will wear face masks when indoors and when within 6 feet of customers unless involved in physical activity
  • All spectators, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask in attendance at all time
  • Individuals aged 2 years and older who can medically tolerate a mask, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask and maintain physical distancing to the extent possible

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizers

  • We will be instituting hand washing as a primary deterrent to disease spread. We also have a large supply of approved hand sanitizer to fill in when washing hands is not practical. There are hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility

Physical Distancing / Social Distancing 

  • It may not be completely realistic to enforce the guidelines on social distancing while participating in some sports as recommended by CDC. We request you to remain diligent about working to physically distance ourselves by avoiding handshakes, high fives, hugs, and the like
  • When in close interaction, a face mask will protect both you and ourselves

Daily Cleaning

  • Our cleaning and handling of health situations will follow the CDC guidelines
  • High-touch areas such as door handles, equipment, and bathrooms will be cleaned & disinfected every 2 hours
  • There will also be a daily clean at the end of each day
If you need further clarifications, please reach out to us and we shall be happy to guide you.