Deep Impact Performance Training (DIPT) at MVP

Deep Impact Performance Training (DIPT)  provides elite level methodology, specialists, and equipment to prepare our athletes for peak performance safer, sooner and longer than the competition. Our training systems combine the most scientifically advanced breakthroughs in modern sports medicine with years of hands-on training experience, enabling the athletes to stretch their genetic potential. ELITE  LEVEL TRAINING  FOR  THE SERIOUS  COMPETITIVE  ATHLETE!

Explosive Power Program

DIPT Explosive Power Hitting Program is designed to transfer explosive movements to your sports specific skills. Simply put, we will make you stronger and more powerful in your sport. Our experienced Athletes/Coaches understand the kinetic chain and how it relates to Power and Explosive Performance.

Our techniques dramatically improve an athletes performance – we will explain that while we are working you, but the results are what you want, and what we provide. DIPT has have made thousands of athletes faster, stronger and more explosive with the techniques that are proven to work.

DIPT is proud to partner with MVP Sports Academy in developing the Explosive Power Program. The program will take an analytical approach in base-lining current state and driving to peak performance. Participants will utilize the latest technology in strength development and baseball analytics with the HitTrax system.

This 12 session program consist of 6 - DIPT training sessions and 6 MVP hitting sessions. Cost is $400