Facility Rental Pricing

Whether you are training for baseball, softball, lacrosse, cricket or soccer - We have the space for you.  Take advantage of our unobstructed Turf Field and 22' batting cages.  Note:  3 players max per cage rental.  Teams refer to Team Rental page.

Batting Cage or Pitching Lane Rental - 30 min - $30 or 1 Hour - $45

HitTax Rental Non-Members - 30 min - $40 or 1 Hour $70

Field Rental - 1/2 Field - 30 min - $50, 1/2 Field - 60 min - $100


Up to 8 FREE half-hour cage sessions each week (max 2 sessions per day)

Access to the “ 1/2 Big Field”can be reserved 24-hr in advanced (max 2 per month). Fees apply for additional.

HitTrax - 30 min - $10 or 1 Hour $20

Up to 15% Discounts on camps, classes and lesson packages


Private Lessons - Baseball and Softball

Individual lessons are designed to give the student 30 minutes of solid analysis in hitting, pitching, fielding, and/or base running. Students may select one or more skill areas for lessons in either baseball or softball. Instruction is set up by appointment, please book using the on-line tool as it can be used 24 hours a day.  Feel free to contact the front office, if you have any problems. Students must check in at Front Desk. 

Plan Options (30 min) - Non/Member

1/2 hour Lesson - $60 / $55

5 Lesson Pack - $280 / $255

10 Lesson Pack - $540 / $490

20 Lesson Pack - $1050 / $945

Lesson Packages Expirations:

  • 5 Lesson Package - 12 Weeks from Purchase

  • 10 Lesson Package - 24 Weeks from Purchase

  • 20 Lesson Package - 36 Weeks from Purchase

* For pitching lessons, we DO NOT provide a catcher. If a student would like a catcher, they can be pre-booked no less than 48 hours in advanced. Pre-booked catchers are not guaranteed. Student must pay $5 to the catcher prior to lesson.

Team Rental Rates

Baseball - Softball - Lacrosse - Cricket - Soccer

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall… when it’s bad weather, MVP Sports Academy in Lake Zurich, has you covered. Give your team the benefit of practice all year long. Take advantage of our 28,000 square feet of turfed and perfectly-lit training space, as well as all of our equipment: pitching machines, tees, L-screens and pitcher’s mounds. Plus, our staff of professional coaches are available to bring your squad expert instruction.

Teams can have use of…

• Live Batting Practice cages, Iron Mike, BATA pitching machine cages
• 6,200 square foot infield for practice, drills, live games
• Pitching tunnels with or without pitcher’s mound
• House supplied baseballs and softballs


Team spots fill up quickly. Call us to reserve your team practices now.